Success Stories



A huge thank you to everyone who is supporting this project. It has been amazing to see what we have accomplished in such a short period of time. We'll post detailed updates in the coming months so that everyone can track the progress of our projects in Joel's community. 

The founder of the project in Joel's village is Rudy Atallah, an Air Force veteran who has spent years traveling through and living in Africa. Rudy, who now resides in northern Virginia, first visited Joel's village in late 2016, and was immediately captivated. He developed a relationship with Joel and other people from the surrounding area, including a local Masai guide from the nearby town of Magadi named Lucas. 

When you donate to this project, Rudy will withdraw the funds and transfer the money directly to Lucas.  Thanks to this project, Lucas recently attended and completed a computer literacy class. Rudy and Lucas coordinate with Joel to determine how to spend the funds raised by the Namanyak Organization.

So far, we’ve helped raise a school which now has a new blackboard, new books and a new teacher. The school's success is also attracting new students to begin attending school in Joel's village.  We've also begun planting trees and constructing a new school facility. The student body is also growing.  There are now 77 students attending the school in Joel's village, all of whom now have uniforms. 


Part of the water system has been completed, which means that the people in Joel's village now have access to water.  Villagers often had to trudge to nearby streams to retrieve drinking water, which was a scarce commodity in the town.  The first time we traveled through the bush Joel’s village, we stopped to hand out bottles of water to young boys herding goats who had called out “Enkare”, water in the Masai language.


Your support has been crucial, and we can't thank you enough for all of your help. As we receive more donations, we will be able to support additional initiatives to help build the capacity of this remote but resilient town. One of the projects on our agenda was installing LED lights for the community and getting rid of kerosene lamps, which cause respiratory and skin problems.  So far, we’ve installed solar lighting across the village, including in the bomas and in the school. 

We are incredibly appreciative of all of your support. It's amazing to watch as Joel's village develops and blossoms.


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